HOT !! Confirms – Trump Server Bugged With Oct. FISA Order !

FBI probe of Donald Trump and Russia during election yielded no evidence of crimes

FISA used in Oct. probe
The FBI and Justice Department received a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant in October to help further the Russia investigation.
Officials stressed there were no intercepts of Trump’s phone or emails.
Separately, according to the article, they used traditional investigative techniques (What was that, breaking and entering ? Who told them to do that ?) to review a computer server tied to the soon-to-be president’s businesses in Trump Towers in New York but located elsewhere. (Say, Comey, Clinton, Clapper, Obama, and Lynch, just where the **** is elsewhere ?)
Helen Keller could glean from this that Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Lynch in effect SPIED on an opposition candidate’s server(s)  illegally for political “intel” with a FISA order they denied having obtained one month BEFORE the general election.
The excuse by Deep-State, Shadow Government, Obama Administration holdovers, and Democratic talking points, is always “Russian hacking” and “Russian influence on Trump and his incoming administration.”
However, like every other FAKE NEWS story on Trump/Russia, nothing was found. But is does make a great excuse to spy on an opponent, right Clinton ?
Love that Obama/Clinton/FBI/DNI/CIA law firm:  Prevarication, Mendacity, and Canard. This is obviously a plausible denial cover-up for spying on an opponent in a Presidential election to find not just “false flag” evidence (or directly planted, no doubt, if they could have), but tactics and strategies of the Trump team the last month of the campaign !
They didn’t count on Wikileaks showing that the CIA (FBI/DNI) have the ability to plant cyber “false flags” against Russia by incorporating Russian malware ‘fingerprints” into any supposed “hack” !
James “ClapTrap” Clapper even said, [not sic, he is sick] “he would have known if a Trump  FISA order had been given in Oct., and it had not” in a pabulum-puking (shout-out to Morton Downey Jr. !), Pinocchio-esque, plausible denial on some liberal FAKE NEWS program just this weekend !
Obama/Clapper/Lynch — soon after the illegal tap and surveillance of Trump (Tower and outside of the Tower) servers  ! — amended EO 12333 (see below) that allowed dissemination of all top secret “intel” to holdovers in all 17 federal agencies for the patent purpose of leaking to a bias FAKE NEWS press in order to destroy President Trump and his pro-American agenda.
Monica Crowley is spot-on !
Obama signed amended EO 12333 on Jan 12, 2017. Eight days before leaving office. Lynch had previously signed off on this order on Jan 3rd, and Clapper before her on Dec 15th.
OBAMA/CLAPPER/LYNCH and January 3rd and 12th, 2017 — EO 12333

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