Pootie-Poot’s Dacha Debutantes

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” — Michael Corleone

Okay, maybe their FAKE STATE NEWS is important:
Pravda//RT//Russian News Now
However, this was not supposed to be about RT, Pravda, or whatever name they use (e.g., NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC) to give out deep-state controlled FAKE NEWS, it’s… wait, you know, I did this as a goof on Pootie-Poot, but these women below are hot. No tattoos, or body piercings; and we can only hope there is no pimp, or pray there is no “handler,” as they say in the spy biz.
Thanks, Pootie-Poot, you can keep the VX gas.
From Pootie-Poot’s Russia:
with love emoticon
kissing penguin emoticonhttps://www.russiancupid.com/
blow kiss emoticonhttps://www.elenasmodels.com/
act of love emoticonhttp://www.russianwoman.ca/
valentine chocolate emoticonhttp://heavy.com/action/girls/2013/01/the-20-hottest-russian-girls/
heart key and lock emoticonhttp://masterrussian.com/aa031001a.shtml

Okay, maybe it is their FAKE STATE NEWS that is also important: