Dear Mr. President: Release All JFK & MLK Assassination, COINTELPRO, and Mena, Arkansas Drug Smuggling Files NOW !!

Dear Mr. President:
Please give the DNI/CIA/FBI/DOJ deep-state swamp, Beirut Obama’s shadow government, and their Fake News lackeys at the MSM and Fake News mirror outlets like NewsMax something to really worry about.The so-called fourth estate will also be held accountable for their liberal cover-ups too. They will be exposed as “The Fake News Enemy of The American People !!” that we know them to be.
It is a win-win-win-win situation.
You will gain the respect and admiration of a grateful nation who has yearned for the truth from the deep-state swamp and shadow government for over 50 years and been denied, suppressed, and outright oppressed.
Oh, the deep-state swamp and secret government-globalist, MSM Neocons and liberals like Bill Maher and Clintonista Chris Ruddy of the Fake News sites like Newsmax will scream “special prosecutor” for the Russia nonsense at the behest of the shadow government to detract you from our course.
Don’t let this petty, partisan distraction happen.
You will be given carte blanche by the American electorate to “drain the deep-state swamp” from this noble action.
This Russia nonsense is not a threat to you. Holder and Lynch let EVERY real Obama scandal go from the IRS to  Fast and Furious and the MSM, DNI, and FBI said NOTHING. See the partial list of Obama scandals:
WIN: First, if the CIA and the US Government were involved in the slightest with JFK and MLK you have the ammo you need to not only “drain the entire swamp,” but I also believe African-Americans would burn down Langley and/or the Hoover building  if the CIA are shown to be also involved (which I know for a FACT they were) in the MLK assassination along with the FBI.
WIN: Second, if Cuba was also involved in JFK, it would take a typhoon to keep America from taking it over and putting every Hispanic named Castro in jail for life.
WIN: Third, at the very least, the very nature of the “deep-state swamp” “shadow government” and Fake News MSM, ONE LIFETIME coverups will be exposed for all to see and revile. And I mean America will HATE the lying bunch of bastards (press absolutely included) for being what we know they are: The Enemy of The American People.
Win: Fourth, if the truth came out about (then) Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and Bush 41 involvement with the CIA drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas in 1991, and murders connected with it; and how  those drugs funded the CIA covert ops at the cost of an entire generation of black Americans, you will see a bright light of truth and freedom among black Americans and a new dawn in conservative outreach.
That would also spell the wonderful end of  Bush-Clinton-Obama on the political stage.
Then on to the Obama-Brennan-Clapper-Comey leaks, Obama’s RICO violations with OFA, ANTIFA and BLM’s organized street violence, murders and physical intimidation; supported  by the character assassinations of critics through Obama’s lackeys at the MSM… and on, and on.
Get ‘em scared. Ask Bannon and Miller. They will agree with me.
JFK RECORDS: Not till 2039 (Bush 41 lied in 1992, go figure, he was CIA too and in on it !)
MLK RECORDS: Not till 2027
These jackals and their lackey’s at the MSM and Newsmax will never let up. They will hassle and hassle you with much ado about nothing in order to coerce or blackmail you into playing their globalist games.
Fight back… they will cower from just the notion of doing this, not to mention the results.
Include ALL redacted material. No more secrets, no more spy games, no more press coverups and bias, and no more DNI/Judicial Activist redacting…. release everything. Let us see the words behind that curtain called the magic-marker.”
Let us see EVERYTHING.
Release everything including what would be considered apocryphal to the deep-state swamp, the shadow government, Bush-Clinton-Obama and DNI/FBI.
Note my redaction example below is from the ultra-liberal 9th District Court of Appeals. Who knew ? Remember them ?
It will be game-set-match to President Donald J. Trump.

A Grateful Nation
JFK RECORDS & FILES: Not till 2039*
MLK RECORD & FILES: Not till 2027*


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