Newsmax is a liberal site, make no mistake about that. Chris Ruddy, or Cruddy as he and his liberal writers are known, is a Clinton minion and his site is nothing but Fake News trolling mirrored from the site below, and his intent is trolling and inciting real conservatives. If you check the Newsmax trolls and their postings on Disqus, you will see most are liberals, possibly paid by Soros, and whom Cruddy will not block. Avoid that site.
It is an anti-Trump, #NeverTrump, since Trump first announced. Ruddy is a Clintonista, and a RINO at best, and this site is faux conservative and should not be listed or referred to as such !
Newsmax is FAKE NEWS, and FAKE NEWS is bias,  and they prove it by constantly leading with Morning Blow of PMSNBC, a RINO himself, who needs to be real concerned that there are no statues of limitations for first degree murder in the State of Florida !
Just one example where they, and their sister paper, the New York Times, got caught ! Only, the Times had the balls to correct it.
Snopes, FactCheck and Politifacts are nothing but FAKE NEWS mirrors. When they say they “fact check” something  they  in essence are simply deflecting a truth liberals do not like to a biased FAKE NEWS site whose very existence is based on discredited FAKE NEWS. That is why Soros and the Annenberg Foundation created these faux services.
READ: Chelsea Shilling’s: Phony Baloney: The 9 fakest fake news checkers: http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/phony-baloney-the-9-fakest-fake-news-checkers/
Ms. Schilling got my top three and six more: Pigcast, Media Bias Fact Checker, Fake News Checker, Trump-bashing Prof’s ‘Hit List’ of ‘Fake’ News Sites, International Fact-Checking Network, Washington Post Fact Checker.
Other liberally biased, Trump-bashing/censoring (Ron Paul / John Podesta shout-out) FAKE NEWS sites and periodicals include:
ABC/CBS/NBC, CNBC, CNN, Daily Breast, Huff Pest, LA Times, More, PMSNBC, New Republic, New Yorker, Politico (Gary Allen is rolling in his grave over his son Paul), NYT, Reddit, The Guardian, The Hill, Vice, Vox, Wash Post, Slate, Salon, Newsweek, and Time.