Ba’athism and The UAR

Funny how the labels of the people’s beloved Ba’athism and  Egypt’s Nasserism went from post-Colonial revolutionary ideals to repressive, despotic, and fascist.
Oh, those vengeful people given permission to lie by their religious books. Ba’ath_Party Ba’thism
In conjunction to Ba’athism, that became the dominate secular ideology in both Syria and Iraq, came also Nasserism in Egypt: Gamel_Abdel_Nasser Nasserism
Funny too, how the three nations that have been (some cases literally) attacked by the United States since 9/11 have not been N. Korea, and Iran, but rather Iraq, Egypt and Syria. And Syria suddenly obtained, and used, WMDs, just like Iraq.
All from Ba’athist Iraq to Ba’athist Syria via the Soviet’s Spetsnaz special forces.
Seems to have happened soon after these quotes (by our late Orthodox father Michel Aflaq) on American and Western Imperialism, Zionism, the Seven Sisters, and Israel: aflaq-quotes210.htm
Remember that briefly these two monumental revolutions of post-colonial Arab thought became: UAR
All three nations, and respective ideologies, were based on a secular form of: Arab nationalism, Pan-Arabism, and Arab socialism.
All three nations have since been ruined through violent covert intrusions, while plans are being hatched to give them to the more easily-controlled Muslim Brotherhood — the murderers of Sadat, attempted assassins of Nasser, and jailers of Mubarak — and their backwards, oppressive, cultist theocracies.
All courtesy (after W’s cocky-cowboy stupidity in Iraq) of an intrusive American government, and its teleprompter-reading, Afrocentric, Islamophile, puppet president too stupid to know he is but a malignant pawn of the world controllers.
No matter the millions of Copts, and the millions (now thousands thanks to Bush/Obama) of Assyrian Christians still remaining today in Syria, iraq, and Lebanon, all there 630 years before this violent religion, are to be ethnically cleansed.
No matter the last vestiges of Middle East Jewry shunned, murdered and driven out of their BC ancestral homes. No matter the millions of moderate Sufi Yazidis and Kurds.
It is estimated that 500,000,0000 Christians suffer under this jackboot of communist terrorist oppression and (mostly, though India isn’t tolerant either) Islamic theocratic persecution.
In Egypt alone, caused by Obama’s embrace of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in that Cairo speech 7 years ago, and destruction of both the (Ba’ath Party) and Nassar’s UAR has set over eight million Copts in the cross-hairs of yet another Islamic-generated genocide and cleansing of Christians.
It is well known that the 500,000,000 Christians, and truly moderate Sufis, who suffer under this jackboot of communist pogroms of terror, slavery, torture, and mostly Islamic theocratic oppression, persecution, and ethnic cleansing, are in areas that you cannot steal labor.
From Afghanistan to Yemen.
From Algeria to Zimbabwe.
From Indonesia to India to Malaysia.
From Communist China to N. Korea to Vietnam to Cuba.
From Asia Minor to the Balkans to the Baltics.
From the Caucasus to the Urals.
All the freedoms Arab and Persian Christians and Jews, secular Islamic-born Arabs and Persians, like the Kurds and Yazidis, and women of all faiths, may have had in religion, social equality, and the liberal expressions of dress and freedom of choice, have passed with the destruction of the post-WWII, post-colonial, secular governments in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya.
Only now, America’s current (past, thank you, Jesus !)  puppet leader, the personification of Chinua Achebe’s corrupt Chief Nanga — and the quintessential populist “man of the people” president — will soon find out that “things fall apart,” and like all tyrannical narcissists, may hopefully share the fate of other Okonkwo ‘s such as he.
Everything that rises must converge, even for those with falsely contrived notions of social governance, economic philosophy, ecumenical practices, and intellectual superiority.
That means you, the corrupted RINO, the NEOCON, and especially the Progressive, socialist, Islamophililes like Obama.
Michel Aflaq, In Spirit and In Truth