News Sources That Matter

Breitbart//Censored News//INFOGALACTIC//PipelineNews//Unz Review

Cut the cable. Use those listed above only. Even the great Matt Drudge links to mostly MSM oppressors.

Do NOT watch ESPN, the NFL or any MSM program.

Use for all sports.

Do NOT watch any Hollywood movie unless Christian or conservative genre/produced.

Use for TV shows and movies.

Caveat: Do NOT read or watch Newsmax. Chris Ruddy and Nancy Brinker are leftists, RINO, NEOCON Clintonistas and Ruddy’s whole platform is based on trolling links to liberal sites like that jackass murderer Joe Scarborough; and ripping us with Soros-paid troll commenters meant to incite us.  Then, the dirt-bag extends some odd pro-conservative kindness as if we should be appreciative.

We are not.