Ahhh… Perverted Diversity

Easy Math: ≈ 170 liberal assholes of which ≈ 13 are black (7 women) or .076 black;  ≈ 31 women (24 – the 7 black females) or .18 females (with black females) or .14 (without black females). My, it’s a good thing black females count as two food groups, right white liberals ? Do any of these aforementioned liberal assholes ever think of considering themselves as Americans and that’s it ? Now, how many of them are even remotely Christian-conservative, including Mel Gibson, who I see is in the picture ? Wait… one.

UPDATE: Well, well, they ran the Oscar ceremony almost as badly as they ran this nation for eight LONG years: into the ground and screwed it up royally in the end. Four hours of snowflake Trump-bashing and he come out smelling like a rose. How bad was it ? That typical leftist Oscar debacle last night made the Hindenburg disaster look like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float that “just lost a little air.” Envelope please…


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