Must Reading

Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy — Thomas Sowell
The Constitution of the United States of America — Jefferson
Capitalism and Freedom — Milton Freidman
What Has Government Done To Our Money ? — Murray Rothard
Man, Economy, and State — Murray Rothbard
Socialism / Liberalism — Ludwig Von Mises
The Road To Serfdom — F. A. Hayek
Multiculturalism and The Politics of Guilt — Paul Gottfried
Witness — Whitaker Chambers
The Paleoconservatives — Joseph Scotchie
The Income Tax: Root of All Evil — Frank Chodorov & J. Bracken Lee
The Conservative Mind — Russell Kirk
Ideas Have Consequence — Richard M.Weaver
End The Fed — Ron Paul
America Alone — Mark Steyn
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam — Robert Spencer
The Trump Revolution — Ilana Mercer
Into The Cannibal’s Pot — Ilana Mercer
Slouching Towards Gomorrah — Robert Bork
150 Reason Why Barack Obama is The Worst President In History — Mark Margoli & Mark Noonan
The Reactionary Imperative — M.E. Bradford
The Five Thousand Year Leap — W Cleon Skousen