Strange John “ISIS” McCain

Someone needs to ask this depends-wearing psycho if Pluto is a planet or an asteroid, because this space cadet is that far out there !
He just said Russian hacking was more serious than a physical attack like The Pulse, or San Bernadino. He must mean  9-11 was nothing compared to a mean old  computer virus too !
Was watching the new X-Files for the first time in my 60 years and it was so obvious. McCain was NOT a POW, the pics are from Area 51…
Just look at the black eyes, the lack of ears, picking Palin as VP and his lurching for  the Kenyan’ s DNA !
His cheeks alsoo look like they have walnuts in them. Two words for you, McCain: Jenny Craig.
Damn, POTUS Trump, call Mulder and Scully !!
McCain as an alien child…
Inline image
McCain in Area 51 being examined !
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:Inline image
How else to you explain his running away as he murdered 134 sailors on the Forrestal ?
Or, collaborating (breaking the Code of Conduct)  with the Vietcong while a so-called POW, as real American POWs were tortured to death ?
Or, creating ISIS along with Obama and Hillary ?
Or, being one of the corrupt Keating 5, along with 4 other Democrats !
And now, old X-Files BLACK EYES is after Trump AND you ! Maybe it’s because this senile old fool has had his ass kicked by Bush 43, Obama 44, and Trump 45 !
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