Ryancare: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss !


Granted, Billy Bill will not walk up this Hill like Obamacare did when Scott Brown was bypassed. There will be a Senate bill and then conference committee reconciliation of the differences. Then on to appropriations.
The mistake is EVER taking the word of Paul Ryan, a Catholic papist who would rather bankrupt this country so 36,000,000 illegal immigrant Hispanic Catholics can suck MEDICAID and all social services dry w/o paying taxes as they are stealing our jobs.
The President’s First Train Wreck… and it is a BIG one. Thank Paul Ryan.
Three standard exhibits below, but don’t worry, there will be three phases of review.
Update: Breitbart just nailed it seven ways. And since Bannon is about three feet away from Trump, I hope this has been accounted for and that this pig will go away before the  House/Senate conference committee. I doubt it.
I wrote Exhibit 2 below before I read this.
Have a listen while you read the Breitbart article and the three exhibits.

Say, aren’t The Who peeing on a column ? Think of that column as American freedom and they are Beirut Hussein Obama and Paul Ryan.

Exhibit 1: The Individual Mandate Was, And Is, UNCONSTITUTIONAL
This is from VERY FAKE NEWS CNN. Apparently, they are not that FAKE, are they ?
Leave it to a Bush 43 appointee, Roberts, to **** us. Is he related to a Bush 41 appointee, Souter ?


The Ryancare/Republican bill says it would “eliminate” the individual mandate, which means that people would not have to pay a penalty if they went without insurance. One possible effect, though, is that healthy people might be less likely to buy insurance, driving up prices for those who need it most, like older people and the sick. It is called free will and the market.

People who let their insurance coverage lapse, however, would face a significant penalty. Insurers could increase their premiums by 30 percent, and in that sense, Republicans would replace a penalty for not having insurance with a new penalty for allowing insurance to lapse. Not so fast, RINO Ryan.

However, according to experts on both sides:  A federal purchase mandate is a mandate, and if I read the Commerce Clause right, that is unconstitutional. Not everyone eats broccoli.

Exhibit 2. Illegal (and Legal) Immigrants on MEDICAID (and every social welfare they can steal)
In 1989, I worked in a bistro in N. Oak on College Ave. The chef was Mexican. He was good and made $1,600 a week. Cash.
His daughter came in and she had facial deformities that had been repaired at Duke University a year before. I asked him how much did that cost.
“No, free, MEDICAID.”
That happened and made me realize the threat.
Multiply that by 38,000,000 illegal Hispanic Catholics who use ERs as walk-in clinics and those pesky 8,000,000 Jorge Ramos-loving, Scheming-Dreamers that Paul Ryan wants here to fill the pews of his Church”.
There’s tides to be drained from Americans for a  Jesuit pope who recently said, “There is no such thing as Islamic terror.”

Ryancare would let states keep Medicaid expansion and allow states that expanded Medicaid to continue getting federal funding as they would have under the A.C.A., until 2020. Federal funding for people who became newly eligible starting in 2020 or who left the program and came back, however, would be reduced. The bill also proposes capping federal funding per enrollee, based on how much each state was spending in 2016.

Exhibit 3: Mr. President: Ryancare — The 10 Amendment Still Ignored, The Same Taxes, The Same Regulations, The Same Federal Entitlement Progam, and NO INDIVIDUAL CHOICE outside of the federal system.

Why Ryancare sucks:
Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through intense education and experience. Risk is spread about the tables. Id est, we pay for them.
1) Keeping the pre-existing conditions policy — Requires insurers to cover people regardless of pre-existing medical conditions and bars the companies from charging more based on a person’s health history.
2) Essential health benefits — All insurers must offer 10 essential health benefits, including maternity care and preventive services.
3) Prohibitions on annual and lifetime limits  — Insurers are barred from setting a limit on how much they have to pay to cover someone.

Let me sum up Ryancare (so far) in baseball terms: Strrrrrrrrriike ONE !!



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