Boycott 101: ESPN/NFL/NBA/NHL




Leftist ESPN, the NFL, the NBA and now the NHL (thanks to that asshole goon JT Brown and jackass Tony Dungy) are in trouble financially thanks to our efforts. Do not let up, ever. Tired of the George Soros-inspired, Obama-Clinton, ESPN/NFL/NBA/NHL hate of America, Conservatives, Christianity, and traditional values such as the American Flag ?

Social Justice Warrior = Violent, Terrorist, Socialist Oppressor.
These four organizations are the jingoistic, Josef Goebbels of the Globalist/Democrat/Islamist/ANTIFA/BLM/BAMN/OFA terrorist network. An American Taliban, and terrorist groups that Soros/Obama fund and lend amoral support.

Please read the sections under Pledge of Allegiance, and specifically, National Anthem and When the National Anthem is played or sung. This is the US Code. It is the law of the land, a supplement to the US Constitution.

Read the Flag Code. Stick to the code.

Do you know why only a few organizations (military, service, first responders) are the only ones allowed to wear the flag on their person ?

Do you know why it is FEDERAL LAW that the U.S. Flag can only be on the LEFT ARM, LEFT CHEST and the LEFT LAPEL only ? No clothing, no posters, NOTHING !
Answer: The U.S. Flag is considered a “LIVING, BREATHING THING” and must be near your HEART.

I guess the Kapernicks, James, Browns, Dungys, and Kerrs of this nation just have no heart. They certainly have no brains.

How To Boycott ESPN/NFL/NBA/NHL:
Angry ?
Feel powerless ?
All you have to do… is do nothing. That’s correct, you read that right. Do nothing.
How is that possible ?
Just use this easy three-step guide below of “do nothing steps” and you will break the back of the NHL, NFL, NBA and ESPN within one fiscal year:

1) Feel free to watch any *game on any pirate streaming channel-not ESPN, or the NFL/NHL/NBA cable or streaming network. But also try it on CC, no volume, playing your favorite songs instead. Just for giggles. For the sake of Lord Jesus, how much sound do you need to follow an American football or NBA game ? These morons aren’t exactly bringing the coleslaw to the M.E.N.S.A. picnic !

*Use just do not gamble. Use the European preferred platforms if you see a commercial it will NOT be an American advertiser.

2) If you are at a bar, or friend’s home, make mental or written note of which major commercials played. Especially those that repeat in the course of the game.

3) Do NOT patronize, in any manner — especially impulse or point-of-purchase — any of the products or companies advertised for at least this fall season. Infact, research and find out the competitor NOT owned by the parent company and buy their products.

Call the advertisers and tell them what you are doing !

Just say no.

Tell everyone what you are doing as  a person and group, and pass these three steps along to all your like-thinking friends.

That’s it. Now that was easy.

How will that change their evil ways ? The jackals will become their own reverse-barometer, telling us what NOT to DO, what NOT to BUY, or what NOT to VIEW.

As soon as the advertisers (like Hollywood) see that their HUGE advertising investments in these two evil empires are actually hurting their business, their respective boards will demand rebates and seek other forms of delivery in the future.


Think of it as reverse “classical conditioning” where you are replacing the conditioned response with “do NOT buy this product” because they are fueling these two machines of anti-American, anti-Christian hate with their advertising dollars.

Just like Al-jazeera.

This is how we protest. Aren’t we also allowed to ?

So, all you have to do… is do nothing.


[The following to John Skipper, ESPN President, and let it rip more than once at about 6a.m. before work on May 28, 2013. What was their response ? See the bottom and find out. You will learn true hate of these ESPN sissies.]
John Skipper, President, (ESPN)
Dear Mr. Skipper:
It behooves me to write you and congratulate you for assassinating the character and QB career of Tim Tebow. Much as your people did the Oath-takers, and Coach Bill McCartney’s Christian-based Promise Keepers movement a decade ago.
Surpassing even the IRS attacks on conservative 501 (c) from 2008 till now, you and your liberal ESPN, led by the anti-Christian Tony Kronheiser and his minion Michael Wilbon, have slandered and libeled Mr. Tebow to the point where they, and now almost all your other ESPN lackey’s, have followed suit day in and day out, in babbling talk show after talk show, with repeated hate-filled diatribes and barbs against a solid Christian man, and ever improving NFL QB, like Tebow.
Since my mother was MOT (you don’t know what that means I am sure) my friends now know how Hannah Storm felt with Kronheiser basically called her a shiksa slut. (shik·sa also shik·se (sh k s ). n. Offensive. Used as a disparaging term for a non-Jewish girl or woman.)
A new instance with Kornheiser and Wilbon? Wilbon, the anti-Christian Kornheiser’s Charley McCarthy, and his puppeteer Kornheiser, both said in one of their redundant and silly talk shows that at least three NFL teams need Tebow as at least a back-up, a number two QB.
Then recently, when a good Christian conservative like Chuck Norris writes well of Tebow, Kornheiser and Wilbon say they agree with all the NFL GMs who say that Tebow can’t be on the team because of the media circus. “Sorry, Chuck, you are wrong,” they both mockingly laughed!
You’re all slandering liars. Changing your story to fit your unread memos I assume. Many, like Hoge, Schlereth Cohn, Werder, Jaworski and Kornheiser seem born, bred and religiously instructed in all that the hating of ardent conservative Christians brings.
The ESPN you have created has morphed into the IRS of sports. Promoting a progressive issues while targeting those of us who find our conservatism Christianity paramount. You and your lackey’s attack us 24/7, harass us 24/7, and libel and slander everyday those who share a deeper and more abiding faith than just a robber baron and diluted, monopolizing sports machine that seems to break Sherman Anti-Trust and the Clayton Act in its misuse of economies of scale.
But one I can assure you it that the impunity with which you operate, the hate of our conservative Christianity will not go challenged or unanswered. You and your lackey’s and minions think we do not notice?
You ruin a man like Tebow and just walk away grinning, “Job well done, we got another conservative Christian!”
Well, sir, you and your ilk have blinders on to the world and you will be seen in your true light.
As for Tebow, it is too late as you have destroyed a fine man who upset you by being drafted in the first round and went against all your pseudo-pundits and succeeded. Spreading a faith message in his wake.
Well, Ed Werder and Hoge and Schlereth, et al, were ESPN’s anti-Christian attack dog response.
Here is but a partial list of your anti-Christian cabal against Tebow that started in Denver two years ago:
Ed Werder; Mark “Chop Block” Schlereth; Merril Hoge; Steven A. Smith; Hugh Douglas; Eric “I Spy” Mangini; Colin Cowherd; Scott Van Pelt; Mike Golic; Mike Green; Herman Edwards; Charissa Thompson; Marcellus Wiley; Linda Cohn; Tony Kornheiser; Michael Wilbon; Ron Jaworski; Woody Page; Bomani Jones, Jemelle Hill; Dan La Tard; Cris Carter; et al.
Sir, I challenge you to go back to every story you have aired about Tebow in the past three years and deny this pattern of patently ad hominem attacks and religious persecution. Challenge you.
ESPN’s record vengeful persecution will not go unchallenged or unanswered.
Note also that I have contacted you many times in the past concerning this cabal, yet it appears each time these aforementioned mouth-breathers, like Merril Hoge, et al, couldn’t wait to launch into yet another unsubstantiated ad hominem attack even after you had issued memo for record telling them to lay off Tebow!
Seems ESPN’s “people” cannot read a simple memo of yours. Odd, eh?
And as for you, Mr. Skipper, if it is a media circus like the NFL GMs supposedly believe, then you are the mendacious, cruel, manipulative ringmaster. An anti-Christian midway barker in a Brooks Brothers suit.
If that be, then obviously Tony Kornheiser is the organ player leading around Wilbon, the faithful monkey with ESPN’s hat in hand.
Let me swear to you by all my limited powers that I shall draw my last breath in protest of your hate-filled ESPN, and the NFL, to every religious group, and soon sponsors, who will listen, join in my contestations, and boycott not only everything ESPN, but watching, attending, or purchasing anything to do with the NFL.
Let’s start with evangelicals and spread to all faiths, and major advertisers.
This is just the beginning.
Forever and a day if need be; or until Tim Tebow is given the respect and opportunity he deserves, as well as the chance to play NFL QB once again. Where, in only 16 games total he is 9-7 including a monumental victory in his first playoff game. All before, during, and after your anti-Christian cabal’s effort to assassinate his character, distorted his QB SKA; then by constant media pressure, get Tebow blackballed by the NFL and destroyed his once promising career as an NFL QB.
Why did you and ESPN do this? Simply put: Because of Tim Tebow’s overt Christian faith, and even more faithful, fan following.
C. L. Burke
Islamorada, FL 33036

[Epilog: 9:30. Same day. We had just come back from pulling props and the cops were waiting for me ! ESPN’s manly response? Skipper called the police and told them I was making a terrorist threat. They sent the police to my door within one hour!! Luckily, the cop knew me [we repair his boat and he was once a 1st mate]and we LoL (as I popped a cold brew) at my referring to ESPN once as “sucking the sweat off a dead pygmy’s rotting, elephantiasis-engorged, canker-covered, maggot-filled, leprosy-ridden scrotal sack.” Apologies to dead pygmies.]