Paleoconservatism’s Founders

Founders (mixed with principle writers) of the 1987 movement, as coined by Prof Paul Gottfreid, that was formed as a rejoinder to the interventionist (though they can be traced back to FDR and the New Deal via Senator Taft), red-diaper-baby, Scoop Jackson Democrats, who became faux conservatives called Neocons, and had infiltrated and poisoned the Reagan/Weinberger Doctrine in the early 1980s. They continue this day to be coursing through the veins of truth.
M.E.Bradford//Pat Buchanan//James Burnham//Allen C. Carlson//Frank Chodorov//Sam Francis//Russell Kirk//Paul Gottfried//Justin Raimondo//Murray Rothbard//Joseph Sobran//Senator Robert A. Taft, Sr.//Richard M. Weaver//Clyde N. Wilson//Thomas E. Woods
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Paleocon Searches, Sites and Periodicals (again, the same caveat as above):
Chronicles Magazine//Explaining The Paleocons//Is President Donald John Trump One ?//Ludwig Von Mises Institute//Paleoconservative Books//The Paleoconservative