Papist Paul Ryan


Dear Paul “RINO” Ryan,
Since you want a pathway to citizenship for 15-30,000,000 (mostly Mexicans) here illegally let me tell about 500,000,000 humans that are under real oppression, but don’t wash dishes, cook, make beds, use leafblowers, or repair roofs here, not just yet.
They are called worldwide Christendom, and of all faiths and denominations.
But then again, Paul Ryan, you are papist, as are the majority of Mexicans/Hispanics, right ? Papal related ? Chew on that, Politico.
You read (when Obama’s compliant press allows it) again, and again, about the atrocities committed against Christians worldwide, but you, Obama, say nothing.
Not even a peep about the denial of, and punishment for, even the simplest Christian Eucharist or public liturgy.
Why even now you don’t take sides as the Coptic world is burned to the ground by Barack Hussein Obama murderous Muslim Brotherhood.
Such a shock when you, and Obama, took sides with the Muslim Brotherhood in the so-called Arab Spring.
Very sensitive of you, Ryan, your fellow papal Hispanics, and rest of your amnesty ilk.
In order to become American citizens, these oppressed masses of worldwide Christendom have to cross an ocean, and not just climb a fence. They (use to have to) pass TOEFL, they use to have to pass American history tests, they have to have thorough background checks and a vetting process, intrusive financial checks of even relatives, have sponsorship papers; and, have jobs here already.
Mexicans walk in, have anchor babies, then get free tuition, bi-lingual education and support, Obama, Ryancare, EBT food and $$$, free medical care, and most social welfare. They (use to have to) pass TOEFL, they use to have to pass American history tests, they have to have thorough background checks and a vetting process, intrusive financial checks of even relatives, have sponsorship papers; and, have jobs here already.
Only go to Rome, huh Ryan ? Flock you, and your illegal papist friends, RINO Ryan. How the heck do you lose a debate to a moron, a Senator no less, who thinks the Article One of the Constitution is about the Administrative Branch ?!
No wonder Romney lost with your dumb *** letting your fellow papist Biden win that debate !
You and your fellow papists BIDEN and PELOSI, et al, also support ABORTION, don’t you ?
Mexicans walk in, have anchor babies, then get free tuition, bi-lingual education and support, EBT food and $$$, free medical care, and most social welfare. And now you want… [fanfare] AMNESTY !
These illegal, leftist Mexicans are going to vote for democrats (if not already with motor-voter laws since illegals can get driver’s licenses easier than Americans) and further drain our social welfare, ruin schools, commit violent crime and run drugs, inflate insurances, murder scores of thousands when drunk with their cars, rape medicaid, use ERs as walk-in clinics, and further clog our jails with even more of their 1,000,000 active Hispanic gang members already here.
Good thinking, Obama and Ryan.
Why do we need these mostly Mexican leftists ?
Since WWII there have been at least 130-140M abortions connected to pre-Nazi, then Nazi, eugenics in America. Of those around 15M are black, and of those, many excused as “birth control” repeats.
Those black victims pale in comparison to the white, non-illegals, who, at least, have been murdered to what amounts to at least 50% of their own, only to be replaced by rising black birth rates and Hispanic illegals, and their US-born, and illegal, Hispanic anchor babies.
Obama’s fellow Moslems he is flooding us with are, at least, misogynistic, rapist pedophiles who even use their own children as suicide bombers and human shields.
Christians value the age of innocence. But not papists, especially your kind priests !
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
Arab Muslim leader the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini once met with Adolf Hitler 21 November, 1941. His meeting with Hitler evolved around Jews being “his foremost enemy”. The Nazi dictator rebuffed the Mufti’s requests for his empowerment. Though Adolf Hitler hated Arabs, considered them to be racially inferior just as Jews, Hitler refused to touch, shake the Mufti’s hand, nevertheless, the Nazi Führer and the supreme religious authority of Islamic world were able to bridge in a common hatred of the Jews.
Prof. W. Phares explains in a paragraph: Jihadists and World War II that “While Nazi infidels were ultimately anathema to jihadists, the alliance answered all their practical needs at the moment.”
From this alliance came three divisions of Waffen SS Muslim soldiers: The Waffen SS 13th Handschar (“Knife”), the 23rd Kama (“Dagger”) and the 21st Skenderbeg.
In addition to Jews, the division(s) was also employed against Serbs, who as Orthodox Christians were seen by the Bosnian Muslims as enemies.”
All in the all, there were at least 70,000 Bosnian Muslims captured by the British. Some of these Muslim ex-soldiers participated in aiding Arabs in the anti-Israel war of 1948.
Non-papist Christians were chief among their victims. Over 1,000,000,00 (and 1.7M demographic loss by ethnic cleansing) Serbs killed in the huge Jasenovac concentration camp system in WWII.
This followed the 1.4 Million Greeks murdered by Turk pogroms during and after WWI, the 2 million Armenians, and the complete genocide of the last vestige of Aramaic-speaking Assyrians from Asia Minor.
Total ethnic-cleansing demographic loss for Orthodox Christians between Aismor and the Balkans runs as high as 10 million. Leaving a scant 3,000 Christians in Turkey today.
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
Oh, where is the baby bond for American females? Even that lout Hillarty supported that ion 2008 ! Where are the open immigration policies for any Christian (most likely pro-life) in peril worldwide ?
You, Obama, Rubio and Schumer must laugh when they relocate Somali or Sudanese Muslim slavers to Maine. Or militant Iraqi Muslims to Dearborn, Michigan. All of whom immediately institute Islamic Sharia law and go on welfare for life.
Now, since you, and Obama, “look it up” yourself, please give us the URL of the page you garnered your so-called “facts.”
Here is one for you. One year in the 90s Planned Parenthood wrote how things are improving and they only killed 1.4-1.8M babies for just that one year. They have been in the killing business for over 70 years, and before that, led by Margaret Sanger, ran the state run eugenics programs of the previous 50 years !
Do the math.
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
Meanwhile 500,000,000 Christians worldwide from Copts to China suffer under communistic pogroms and murderous Islamic persecution and ethnic cleansing.
Yet you can’t let 15M of those 500M in ?
No, no, NO ! Not when you have Jose, Josefina and their 10 anchors walk in ready to be your low wage help and create a nanny state here like they did in 3rd world, fat, communistic Mexico.
Mexicans alone are most of the 1,000,000 active, violent gang members already here. Drug running mules. And the vestige of a corrupt, drug-ridden, communist Mexico that has lost any moral stand since brutal communist Benito Juarez.
Oh, Ryan, guess who was named after Juarez ? You may think it is that violent Mexican town but it was in reality:
Benito Mussolini.
It can be argued that Benito Juarez and Mexico were the real fathers of Fascism.
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
Guess what year the Mexican Constitution was written, influenced by, and adopted ?
Year 1917. Sound familiar?
Where did Trotsky go in exile to find new recruits in America when Stalin had him assassinated in 1940 ?
Where did Castro and Guevara go to plan their murderous communist plots ?
Take a guess.
Oh, Trotsky is still a hero in Mexico.
The 500,000,000 Christians oppressed worldwide value freedom like none others. Mexicans value Latin Kings, Cholos, MS-13, Brown Berets, La Familia Nuestra, La Frontera Falso, Aztland, La Raza etc. And the welfare, papist nanny state.
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
It is well known that the 500,000,000 Christians who suffer under this jackboot of communist pogroms of terror, slavery, torture, and mostly Islamic theocratic oppression, persecution, and ethnic cleansing, are in areas that you cannot steal labor.
From Afghanistan to Yemen.
From Algeria to Zimbabwe.
From Indonesia to India to Malaysia.
From China to Vietnam to N. Korea to Cuba.
From Asia Minor to the Balkans to the Baltics.
From the Caucasus to the Urals.
But you, and Obama, say nothing.
Even in Mexico, where Cristeros saved Catholics from being slaughtered, Catholics even today are not allowed to gather outside and pray. And don’t hand me that about them coming here for religious freedom. There is no such movement in drug-filled, bloody Mexico today.
It’s just another influx of cheap labor to include early American settlers such as NINA Irish, UK, Italians, Dutch, Eastern European Jewry; and then Chinese workers for the railroads; along with antebellum black slavery, and then blacks migrating north and west during Reconstruction to work for Captains of Industry like Ford, Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Durant, and Kaiser.
And marginal votes for the Democratic Party.
What of the Christians now who suffer all over the world, be they black, white, Arabic, Persian, Hispanic, or Asian ? They want to come here for the most precious of metals: religious freedom. Freedom from torture, murder, slavery, and the denial and punishment for even the basic Eucharist and liturgy practices.
Yet you, and Obama, keep 500,000,000 of them forced into Islamic and communistic atrocity after atrocity not seen since the genocidal treatment of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians under out most trusted ally: the Turks and their well-known denial machine.
You, Obama, and your amnesty ilk ignore those patent inhumanities against Christians; be they Egyptian Copts, Burmese, Eastern Orthodox, Nigerians, Chad, Sudan, Rwanda, Angola, Vietnamese, Rhodesian, Darfur Christians, Filipinos, Malaysian, Ladies in White, Chinese, North Korean, Indonesians, Somali, Sudanese, et al, that are happening right now in front of your blind eyes.
And through your churlish false premises, ad hominem attacks, litigious terrorism, and media-controlled circular logic, you try to rationalize ignorance of this worldwide horror by a false connect of past events. Conveying mere pseudo-sympathy for the sake of this pathetic, politically expedient, pro-illegal Mexican, anti-Christendom agenda.
Of course you, and Obama, say nothing.
That must mean it matters not to the blinder-eyed, ignoramuses of butchers and oppressors — like you, and Obama — who carp on about “a path to citizenship” for mere political and papal expediency.
What ? Ryan, you have nothing to say in response ?
There are 500,000,000 oppressed Christians would agree with me when I say, “Thought so, Ryan.”